Fresh Bacon- Hmm, Let’s Make Some Burgers… Part Two

So, at the beginning of the week I finished (quite successfully) my first attempt of making my own bacon- which can be found here. So with fresh bacon, beautiful weather, and having the time to barbecue, of course I’m going to take another crack at type of burgeri with past attempts beinf found here and here.


In this instance with the bacon imparting a slightly sweet flavor from the pecan woodchips, I wanted to add flavors to accent. I just so happened to have on hand a cheddar infused with cranberries and cinnamon- that seemed like a good place to start having a little tart and a slight spice. Now with sweet and salty ahh, need something a little fat and oily so I made some fresh onion straws and then a vegetable to sort of soak it all in (fresh spinach leaves). And finally, can never leave out the side of homemade potato salad.

_DSC0725 _DSC0730



12 thoughts on “Fresh Bacon- Hmm, Let’s Make Some Burgers… Part Two

    • It is really good. And was perfect for this meal. Used it again yesterday… will post that tonight. went to a specialty butcher shop in the italian part of Philly and obtained some elk sausages with blackberry in em… used some of the cheddar and sauteed some broccoli rabe.

      • elk sausages with blackberry! Wow! That sounds so super good! I will be on the lookout for your post!

    • Yes, the flavors seemed to hold there own with the style i was going for. There are so many different toppings and cheeses to make burgers a lot flavorful and fun.

  1. Onion straws? Love that idea and that there are so many layers of flavor built into this recipe.

    I love adding cinnamon to savory dishes. I’m braising some chicken thighs in a tomato sauce with cinnamon right now!

    • The onion straws are nice, i cook em lightly and get a nice crisp out of them. Cinnamon is a nice subtle spice to cut into the richness of the rest of the ingredients.

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