Time for an Update


Feels like it has been a while since I had last looked at this entry and from what I can tell, a good amount of things have changed in my life since then.

Originally a North Jersey boy (more of the mountainous/forest area versus the city type), I currently reside in the farmlands of Southern New Jersey not far off from Delaware yet still close enough to a big city (Philadelphia). In between those stops, I had spent a few years in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Having a degree in Biology (Environmental focus) I currently spend my Monday-Friday hours working as the environmental chemist for Siegfried Pharmaceutical.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing various sports, though mainly I like to cycle (have a GIANT road bike), hike, and just explore and do various photography stuff.

Did I mention I have a tad bit of a cooking obsession? Yea, there’s that as well. Here is the background.

My mom is full Italian and my dad is Czech and Polish, so the Eastern European fuel is in me to cook. I always remember from growing up, my dads one aunt for Christmas Eve would have tables upon tables of all types of seafood ranging from various fish, shellfish, calamari, octopus, to all sorts of pasta dishes…it was absolutely amazing what she could create in a day. I had a strong influence from my father who has more of a knack for creativity and trying new things (which over the years I’ve tasted and tried many meats, vegetables and fruits that many people may not have heard of and I now have the fearlessness of seeing something I’ve never had and just trying to utilize it to its “culinary potential.” When I was in high school I started working in different kitchens which brought me more into the realm of professional cooking and large batch cooking. Thats where my skills started to come full circle, it was about planning the meals, creating the meals, and the new aspect to me to appreciate at that point was making the presentation on the plate so not only did it taste appetizing but visually was picture perfect.

Now I just cook for fun- though a lot of it and sometimes it may seem a tad extreme with some of the things. But it is fun, and tastes so good, and I feel honored to pass along some of these skils, ideas, and recipes onto you.

Good day.


5 thoughts on “Time for an Update

  1. I didn’t read this before, now I understand where all the beautiful creations stem from. Thanks for sharing this background. Kind regards!

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