Mahi Mahi and Tacos

So a friend of mine through one of the cooking pages I am a part of on facebook happens to have a grapefruit tree- and well I love fresh right off the tree grapefruit. So from her picking them, putting them in a box, they came in 2 days.

It came down to planning a meal around the usage of some really fresh grapefruit…so what better then cooking up some fish- and I went with Mahi-mahi.


Easy enough, I basted the filets with some oil, sprinkled on some black-garlic salt, threw on a few slices of fresh cut grapefruit, some red onion slices and some rosemary branches. I then took this, wrapped in parchment and tossed on the grill.


While that was happening, I took a mango, peeled and diced it. Similarily, I diced up a few apricots. I threw both of these in a pan which was already heated with some oil, diced garlic clove, and some sweet onion. I let this mixture cook until the fruit was nice and soft. In a bowl, I had diced up a few tomatoes (cold from refrigeration) and when the fruit mix was to my liking I tossed it in with the tomato to make my version of a mango-apricot salsa.


From there, I just cut up some radishes, orange peppers, and spinach leaves. When the fish was done on the grill, I cut it into smaller strips and then it was time to piece together the tacos and chow down.




Weekend Breakfast: A Simple Omelet

The one thing I am starting to like more and more about the weekends (especially with the weather getting warmer) is just having the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy breakfast. During the week and working in the lab, I do go in a little on the early side- though I like the tradeoff as I get out early to enjoy the afternoon and evening hours, but in turn I miss being able to sit and enjoy a good breakfast.

It has been a while since I just made a breakfast with eggs being the main ingredient (there has been a lot of pancakes, french toast, etc. lately) so we went with omelets this past weekend.


My Simple Omelet (fed 2 of us with some leftovers for a 1 person quick breakfast):

6 eggs

1/3 cup milk

1/3 cup diced up spinach leaves

2 garlic cloves

1/4 cupĀ grated Cheddar (I used an aged sharp cheddar)

I took all these ingredients, mixed in a large glass bowl and put on the side for the time being (as they only take a few short minutes to cook).

Bacon is bacon- no real special way of cooking, just inĀ  a pan and cook to desired liking (I’m a crispy guy and the wife prefers it a little fatty).

Ahh, apricots (now in season). So I used my paring knife, cut the fruit circular around the pit and popped off the two halves. In the small “crater” I put in a small but of butter and sprinkled a little brown sugar. These were then put on the baking sheet and put in the oven at 385 for about 20-25 minutes.

When those were close to the end, just poured the omelet mixture into a pan and cook til done. I then placed this over some bok choy I sauteed after the bacon.



“Real” Apricot Tilapia

So a while back, I had gone through and made a tilapia dish that involved apricot preserves. In this updated version, there is the usage of actual apricots.


Initially in my pan, I had thrown in some sesame oil, soy sauce, and sliced up apricots into strips. I cooked this on medium heat to really get the flavor out of the apricot and so they were softer. I then added the tilapia filets and pan seared them until brown on both sides. I then plated the filets and topped with the remaining sauce which included the pieces of apricot.


For the rice, that was easy. I boiled the wild rice for about 15-20 minutes. I had already shaved up some carrot and broken slivered almonds into smaller pieces. I drained the rice out really good so their was zero excess liquid. I then used an ice cream scooper to make small mound of the rice. I then topped the mounds with the carrot and almond, and used a little soy sauce to flavor.

In all, a nice meal that took about a half hour to fully prepare and cook.



Apricot-Citrus Tilapia with Butternut Squash

I’m a day behind on posting this one (There will actually be two posts tonight) so I had tried something a bit different than what I normally would do.

For the Tilapia itself, I started off by brushing on a little corn syrup and then coated the fish with a romano/parmesan blend. I already had a skillet set up with hot oil so I just tossed the fillets on and cooked on both sides until slightly crisp.


For the sauce, I wanted something that was both fruity/citrusy and a little spice. For the base I used a little bit of apricot preserves (under normal conditions when they are more in season I would prefer to use fresh apricots). I then added some chili powder, and both lemon and lime juice and simmered on low heat until it got a little thicker. This was then applied to the fish after it had been cooked.


For the squash I had initially cut it up into strips. They were then places in a pan with oil and some white wine. I then added some seasonings and some salt/pepper and initially covered on low heat to steam the squash to soften it up. After a few minutes I then removed the cover and when the squash got softer I mashed it up. Quick, simple, tasty.