So it’s that time of the year to go crazy and make all different sorts of burgers as seen here, here, and even here. So as you can tell, when it comes to summertime cooking, burgers are my go-to staple.

In this particular case I went a tad above and beyond and even made the rolls- a combination of plain flour and whole wheat flour and topped with roasted sesame seeds and sea salt.


And then there’s the burger. A wonderful combination of beef and seasonings all packed together and grilled to perfection. In this instance, I went with the smoked bacon I had made a while back (sad to say as I am writing this I am all out and will have to make another batch), some fresh sliced avocado, and a nice semi-fried egg ready to ooze out after that first bite. All this with a side of Polish pickles and some homemade potato salad- don’t ask how to make that, it seems like everytime I whip up a new batch I am always adding different ingredients.




Fresh Bacon- Hmm, Let’s Make Some Burgers… Part Two

So, at the beginning of the week I finished (quite successfully) my first attempt of making my own bacon- which can be found here. So with fresh bacon, beautiful weather, and having the time to barbecue, of course I’m going to take another crack at type of burgeri with past attempts beinf found here and here.


In this instance with the bacon imparting a slightly sweet flavor from the pecan woodchips, I wanted to add flavors to accent. I just so happened to have on hand a cheddar infused with cranberries and cinnamon- that seemed like a good place to start having a little tart and a slight spice. Now with sweet and salty ahh, need something a little fat and oily so I made some fresh onion straws and then a vegetable to sort of soak it all in (fresh spinach leaves). And finally, can never leave out the side of homemade potato salad.

_DSC0725 _DSC0730


One Stylish Burger

Not a meal I make too often (actually on fairly rare occasions) so when I do, I like to spruce it up a bit and try some different things.


A while back I had done some shopping at Whole Foods and while in going through their meat case I came across some nice looking buffalo meat so I bought some. For these burgers, this meat was the base for burger, to add some extra fat (buffalo meat is on the leaner side, I put a few slices of bacon in a food processor and then mixed it into the buffalo grind.


While this was going, I cooked some bacon strips in a separate pan (added some pepper to make it peppercorn bacon). In a small saucepan, I took some pear slices I had sliced up and cooked them in some butter and brown sugar. In another small pan I made some crispy fried onion strings with fresh onion and a buttermilk coating.

When the burgers were close to being finished, I threw on some cur pieces of brie cheese and let it melt. I then tossed on some of the onion strings, and topped with the pear.

Can’t forget a side of seasoned fries.