What What…Halibut?

This will be the abbreviated version since I am headed down towards the jersey Shore for the next few days to help with some of the “final steps” of putting people’s houses back together from the fall hurricane disaster (Yes it has been months. I had spent time in both the fall and winter down there doing some demo type stuff and then starting to put in the sheetrock and such- now its on to the final steps of painting, flooring, etc).

Today I made some Halibut- one of my favorites when it comes to white fish. In this particular instance I had initially made a chicken based stock (chicken, some vegs, white wine). I then took some of that and reduced it down, and then added some Brandy (nice sweet flavor). The Halibut I seasoned with salt and white pepper (more of a like how it looks versus black pepper, can do either). It was quick sauteed in butter and then put in the oven at 500 for 5 minutes.


Upon completion it was plated and I added the sauce on top. Now on to the sides.

I chopped up some savoy cabbage, made a mixture of water, sugar, and ground mustard and mixed together (then refrigerated). For the dressing it was a honey-coriander based dressing (used a rice vinegar for it as well). For it I used coriander seeds that I then crushed (makes for a nice crunchiness versus using ground coriander. Before serving, the savoy was taken out of the refrigerator and brought to room temperature.


For the other “side” if you go back one recipe I had made a Ginger Ale which essentially is a concentrated syrup. Using modern techniques, I turned some if it into a jelly so to speak and cut into small pieces and stood up. Besides looking cool, the ginger spiciness blended well with that of the Halibut and it’s sauce.



Hope everyone has a great week. I will not be cooking much (if at all) until next week- only day possibly being Thursday. Next weekend I am visiting my parents to celebrate my mom’s and my own birthday. All the best.