Steamer Clams

As I am a hug fan of all types of seafood ranging from the lighter fish such as perch and tilapia to bolder fish like salmon and to various sorts of shellfish and crustaceans I realized it has been to long since I have incorporated seafood into my own dishes. So for tonight, I started off with some steamer clams.

I still have a few bottles of Elysian Brewery’s Idiot Sauvin IPA (done with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops- quite citrusy) so i took one bottle and poured it into my pot. I then chopped up some garlic, some fresh parsley and tossed them in as well. I brought this brew to a boil and then lowered the temp down to a simmer. After about 5 minutes (to let the flavors mix) I added in the the steamer clams, put on a lid and let simmer for 5 minutes.


On a pot on the side, I boiled up some of the mushroom infused pasta I had made a while back. Then in a saucepan I made a creamy- basil sauce with cracked peppercorn.

After the pasta was done, I drained them and placed on the plate. I then put the sauce on top of that and finally topped the dish off with the steamers. Add in a nice glass of traminer-riesling and you have a nice meal.Image

Fresh Pasta and some Clams

Going through my picture folder I realized i had skipped over a pretty simple meal that I had done up a few weeks ago. So, plain and simple, here is some homemade pasta in a creamy truffle sauce with shiitake mushrooms and some clams that I had boiled.


I forget the exact type of clam I had used (potentially a cherrystone of some sort if I remember correctly. Essentially it was wash with cold water and scrub the outside to remove whatever sand/sediment may still be attached. Then I started a pot of boiling water with salt and once the water started to boil I threw in the clams. In a sauce pan on the side, I had taken some truffle oil, some scallions, and some garlic and put on low heat and added the mushrooms. On low heat, I covered for 5-10 minutes to sort of steam up the mushrooms and soften them and then removed the cover and put on medium heat to finish the sauce (at which point I added some Romano cheese). The pasta I had boiled for only a few minutes (homemade pasta cooks rather quickly). The clams boiled somewhere between 5-10 minutes at which point they had opened up and I removed the one side of the shell. I then laid out on the plate added the pasta and put on some sauce.