So it’s that time of the year to go crazy and make all different sorts of burgers as seen here, here, and even here. So as you can tell, when it comes to summertime cooking, burgers are my go-to staple.

In this particular case I went a tad above and beyond and even made the rolls- a combination of plain flour and whole wheat flour and topped with roasted sesame seeds and sea salt.


And then there’s the burger. A wonderful combination of beef and seasonings all packed together and grilled to perfection. In this instance, I went with the smoked bacon I had made a while back (sad to say as I am writing this I am all out and will have to make another batch), some fresh sliced avocado, and a nice semi-fried egg ready to ooze out after that first bite. All this with a side of Polish pickles and some homemade potato salad- don’t ask how to make that, it seems like everytime I whip up a new batch I am always adding different ingredients.




Weekend Breakfast: A Simple Omelet

The one thing I am starting to like more and more about the weekends (especially with the weather getting warmer) is just having the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy breakfast. During the week and working in the lab, I do go in a little on the early side- though I like the tradeoff as I get out early to enjoy the afternoon and evening hours, but in turn I miss being able to sit and enjoy a good breakfast.

It has been a while since I just made a breakfast with eggs being the main ingredient (there has been a lot of pancakes, french toast, etc. lately) so we went with omelets this past weekend.


My Simple Omelet (fed 2 of us with some leftovers for a 1 person quick breakfast):

6 eggs

1/3 cup milk

1/3 cup diced up spinach leaves

2 garlic cloves

1/4 cupĀ grated Cheddar (I used an aged sharp cheddar)

I took all these ingredients, mixed in a large glass bowl and put on the side for the time being (as they only take a few short minutes to cook).

Bacon is bacon- no real special way of cooking, just inĀ  a pan and cook to desired liking (I’m a crispy guy and the wife prefers it a little fatty).

Ahh, apricots (now in season). So I used my paring knife, cut the fruit circular around the pit and popped off the two halves. In the small “crater” I put in a small but of butter and sprinkled a little brown sugar. These were then put on the baking sheet and put in the oven at 385 for about 20-25 minutes.

When those were close to the end, just poured the omelet mixture into a pan and cook til done. I then placed this over some bok choy I sauteed after the bacon.



Fried Rice- JG Inspired.

On my own for the evening so I decided to go with some Asian cuisine. Over the years I have had all different sorts and was not sure exactly what I was planning. After some article/book consulting I went with a little bit of Jean-Georges styled cuisine with a little bit of my own flavor twist. In the end it turned out to be a nice Ginger-Garlic Fried Rice with Leeks, Scallops, and Chanterelles.


I started off by boiling some rice and upon completion drained it of the water, spread out on a sheet tray, patted dry with paper towels, and let sit to air dry. I proceeded to make the crisp Garlic-Ginger topping by dicing up garlic and fresh ginger and sauteing in peanut oil. Upon completion, I drained the oil into a larger sauce pan and put the garlic-ginger on the side.


After slicing up the leeks into thin strips I placed them in the saucepan and started to cook. After around 10-15 minutes they became nice and tender at which point I added in the rice (as well as some chili powder) and proceeded to cook until “fried.”


Separately, I sauteed scallops (seasoned with salt and pepper) and Chanterelles in some sesame oil. I also fried an egg “over easy” and placed on top after everything else was constructed. I then sprinkled on the garlic-ginger mix I had previously made along with some sesame oil and soy sauce.



A Variety of Breakfast Options

This post will encompass some various breakfast items I have done over the past few months. Some are simplistic and flavorful and others require a little more work (are well worth it).


The first one is my attempt at the croissant. I am sure there are plenty of simplistic and easy versions of making such a breakfast pastry, however from previous experiences in NYC I had to go right to the source and used the recipe from the Bouchon Bakery cookbook.

Not having a strong baking background I am unsure as to some of the timing aspects, i.e. having to do “turns” every so often, but it is rather awesome when you roll them out put em in the oven and that first bite- crisp, flaky, all the layers that were created. In this particular instance however, I went all out like the version I had in the city and made a nice almond cream filling and added some jam. I then topped with some honey and almond pieces and then baked in the oven.


This next breakfast is somewhat more common to make on a nice morning. Combination of an omelet- in this case I kept it simple with shallot, bacon, and cheddar along with a nice roasted pear (brown sugar and a berry brandy) comes together as a quick yet flavorful meal.


A nice fulfilling meal doesn’t get too much easier than this. A nice toasted bagel, topped with a poached egg and some sauteed Chanterelles.



Brunch…For Dinner

So tonight was kind of a brunch for dinner concept. It is a modified version of a course either once served at (or possibly still on the menu) at JoJo in NYC. The one thing I like about this tart is the capabilities to expand beyond the original dish as even when I was eating it I was coming up with a future meal I will prepare (no hints now…making it for friends and family who read my blog).


The tart is a nice flaky dough of flour, olive oil, a pinch of salt, and some water. For the stuffing, there are two main components: Leeks, and Potatoes. The leeks were diced up very small and sauteed in oil with garlic and pepper (covered on stove) for about 15 minutes until soft and tender. The potato is simple. Pot of boiling water with some salt, toss in potato and leave for 20-30 minutes until soft. I leave the skin on, then semi-mash it, add some cream, some aged cheddar, and the leeks and mix well on low heat.


Tart dough is rolled out, stuffing put in, wet the edges and fold into middle (don’t fully enclose). Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime I fried up some fresh slab bacon (used some fresh ground peppercorn) and separately sauteed some asparagus in white wine and orange/lemon peel.

Close to the time of pulling the tart from the oven, fry up the egg and put it all together.