Been a Tad Crazy Around Here… Here’s Some Sushi.

Sorry for the bit of delay with posting (got a bunch which will be coming up throughout the week, but things have either been a tad crazy (i.e. work) or like the past 2 weekends I have not been around (one weekend to my brother down in Maryland and this past Father’s Day weekend we had visited my parents up in Northern New Jersey).

In the meantime, I had 2 separate attempts within the past week and a half of making some sushi. A combination of tuna, salmon, scallops, and a few other white fish.

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Happy Father’s Day…and here’s some cake


Happy Father's Day...and here's some cake

So my computer is running a tad slow so for now one picture will suffice. I will be away for an extended weekend at my parents in Northern New Jersey and meeting up with friends. To anyone who is a father have a wonderful Father’s Day and for everyone else have a relaxing weekend.

Besides the regular gift for dad (me and my brother got him the Crystal Skull Vodka Rolling Stones 50th anniversary set) my mom sent me the following link… and yes it was missing some things i.e. how to make a shirt collar. Also as I am more of a pastry fan versus cakes, I can’t go with a plain old cake. So mine is filled with a strawberry custard with ground hazelnuts and coconut flakes. Hope you enjoy.