Surf and Turf

Always a good combination, you can never go wrong with surf and turf. Its the best of both worlds- a nice steak and some really great seafood. There are so many ways of doing this as there are many types of steaks and everyone has there own preferences when it comes to seafood so this is what I came up with for the occasion- in this case Valentine’s Day as it is the one day of the year I would rather eat in then go out to an overly crowded restaurant. I prefer peace and quiet when I dine.


Start off with a nice lobster tail. Easy to cook/prep as all you need is some good old boiling water. Don’t forget in a separate bowl to melt some butter to dip it in as well 🙂

Now on to the steak. I like my filet steaks a tad thicker as they cook nicely and the juices stay in- less likely to dry out. Plus I just love cutting into a nice steak. I made a special addition to the turf side as I made a creamy-sherry sauce with sauteed bay scallops to top the steak. Overall a nice dinner presentation. Don’t forget the champagne.



Bacon Wrapped Filet


Bacon Wrapped Filet

A nice meal consisting of a bacon wrapped filet topped with a nice wine-vegetable reduction. The asparagus was sauteed and then topped with some shredded parmesan. The sweet potato is twice baked- gets an initial baking as a whole then they get halved, gutted, make a nice whipped potato mix, spoon back into the skin and bake again. They are then topped with a simple bacon-sesame brittle.