Been a Tad Crazy Around Here… Here’s Some Sushi.

Sorry for the bit of delay with posting (got a bunch which will be coming up throughout the week, but things have either been a tad crazy (i.e. work) or like the past 2 weekends I have not been around (one weekend to my brother down in Maryland and this past Father’s Day weekend we had visited my parents up in Northern New Jersey).

In the meantime, I had 2 separate attempts within the past week and a half of making some sushi. A combination of tuna, salmon, scallops, and a few other white fish.

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Mahi Mahi and Tacos

So a friend of mine through one of the cooking pages I am a part of on facebook happens to have a grapefruit tree- and well I love fresh right off the tree grapefruit. So from her picking them, putting them in a box, they came in 2 days.

It came down to planning a meal around the usage of some really fresh grapefruit…so what better then cooking up some fish- and I went with Mahi-mahi.


Easy enough, I basted the filets with some oil, sprinkled on some black-garlic salt, threw on a few slices of fresh cut grapefruit, some red onion slices and some rosemary branches. I then took this, wrapped in parchment and tossed on the grill.


While that was happening, I took a mango, peeled and diced it. Similarily, I diced up a few apricots. I threw both of these in a pan which was already heated with some oil, diced garlic clove, and some sweet onion. I let this mixture cook until the fruit was nice and soft. In a bowl, I had diced up a few tomatoes (cold from refrigeration) and when the fruit mix was to my liking I tossed it in with the tomato to make my version of a mango-apricot salsa.


From there, I just cut up some radishes, orange peppers, and spinach leaves. When the fish was done on the grill, I cut it into smaller strips and then it was time to piece together the tacos and chow down.




Red Snapper on the Grill

Ahhh, so now with grilling season in full swing, it is time to have some fun and do some different things then the same old bbq chicken, hamburger (though I have made some insane versions), or steak (it does seem like this is something I can never get enough of). I do have a bit of a fondness for just about anything seafood (have not had the courage to try some raw oysters yet…possibly soon though), I decided to go with some Red Snapper.


One of the things I love about shopping at Wegman’s is the vast variety of fish they start to bring in this time of year and it is not just filets but I can get the whole fish- and when it comes to grilling, the whole fish is the way to go.

On this particular day I was in the mood for some Red Snapper. After slicing it down the belly (and leaving it still intact as one piece) I seasoned it with some salt, peppercorn, sweet paprika, chili powder, diced scallions, and finished with some tangerine slices. I then closed the fish back up and coated the outside with some olive oil.

Before I tossed this on the grill (as it would not take too terribly long to cook) I had prepared some whole carrots which I peeled, cut slits into, and basted with a combination of brown sugar, honey, rum, and whiskey. This was wraped in aluminum foil and tossed on the grill to slowly cook and caramelize with the carrots.

While the carrots were on the grill, and then followed by the fish, I proceeded to make a simple mango sauce on the stove. I cut up a fresh mango into chuncks and hated on low. I proceeded to add in some diced sweet onions, some sherry vinegar, a pinch of sugar, and some salt and pepper. Upon completion of the fish, I then cut it into portions and topped with the mango sauce.



Broiled Flounder with a Pineapple-Shrimp Topping

Fish is such a great meal due to its versatility and the fact that in most situations it does not take all that long to prep or cook. I decided in this case to go fairly simple and stuck to having some broiled flounder.


So, the flounder was simple enough. I poured a little olive oil into the dish and tossed in the filets. Since I wanted to make it a little citrusy, I poured in some orange juice. I then sprinkled on some ancho chile powder and some smoked paprika and put in the oven.


While that was in the oven, for the topping I diced up some fresh pineapple and put into a pan. I added in some soy sauce and heated on medium. After that was cooking for a little bit of time (and to soften it) I then added in some “salad” shrimp (the small ones they sell to put in a salad. I then cooked this all together until the juices were slightly thickened.

As a side, I sauteed some asparagus in some truffle-infused oil along with some salt and pepper.



Lunch-time Salad



Typically i try to reserve the “good stuff” and by that I mean the not quite as healthy food for dinnertime, so a lot of times when it comes to lunch I eat a bit lighter and have been leaning towards salads as of late.

In this instance, I went with a base of Romaine Lettuce and added in fresh Spinach leaves. From there I tossed in some chopped up carrots and cucumbers.

Somewhere along the lines I decided to toss in some strawberries and pineapple pieces as I figured they would bode nicely along with the pan seared tuna (seasoned with salt and pepper and sauteed in peanut oil).

Instead of actual dressings, I usually top my salads with some variation of oil/vinegar combo- I have various oils I may use such as sesame or olive and have various balsamis and white vinegars i.e. Juniper-Berry, Sherry, Honey-Chile…



Some Quick Sweet-Potato Crusted Flounder

This is one of those meals that really embraces the concept of a quick dish- yet something so full of flavor and it beats eating out fast food if you are the type always in a rush. As with most “white-bodied” and mild fish, Flounder falls into the category where you can flavor it so many ways and its rather quick cooking time makes it a nice option for situation where you do not have a whole lot of time or if you do not want to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen.



I initially coated the filets with some flour and then did an eggwash. With my microplane (you can utilize any type of a shredder) I took a peeled sweet potato and grated it. I tossed this in a bowl with some panko bread crumbs and some fresh chopped oregano. I then coated both sides of the flounder filets with the mixture._DSC0082

In a saucepan, I threw in a mixture of sesame (for flavor) and grapeseed oil (my normal frying type oil) and heated. I then tossed in the filets and let fry for a few minutes, then flipped the filets and did the same on the other side until the coating started to get a nice browness to it. I then added the optional soy sauce topping as well.


I kept the side dish simple with some seasoned fries, but for a healthier take can just steam some vegetables (perhaps something along the line of brocolli would pair nicely with this dish.


Cod Steaks with some Homemade Sweet Potato Fries

With the storm in full force (think we are at the part of lots of sleet/rain falling) and everything shutdown (including work) it allows me some time to share a nice dinner.


The cod on it’s own was  a simple enough task as it just needed some oil in a pan and was cooked on both sides for a few minutes. The part that took time was making the flavor pairings for the fish.


The spinach foam is a combination of sauteed spinach along with some cream which gets thickened and then gets filtered through a fine strainer. I then utilize my culinary whipper with a gas cartridge to charge which creates a “foam.”

The other accompanying sauce is a blood orange gastrique which is a combination of fresh squeezed blood orange, sugar, sherry wine vinegar, and stock. This then gets reduced to a thickened state.


For the fries, I cut strips out of the sweet potatoes (about an inch thick) and a few inches long. You can do it with or without but I left the skin on the fries. I then tossed them in olive oil which I added some seasoning too and baked them in the oven.



Simple Oven Roasted Fish and Asparagus

Since I am in the moving process (official day of loading up the UHAUL and trekking over to Jersey is Wednesday) so at the moment not going into any in depth cook/baking ordeals. I thought this was a good one to show because of how easy it is to do, it tastes, good, lots of options, and you can make a nice presentation with it.


This can be done with just about any fish imaginable, but since I had some Wolffish left in the freezer, that was what I went with. Simple enough, start off with some olive oil in the dish, I squeezed in some lemon, swirled the fish around to coat it. I added some salt and pepper and placed a few lemon slices on top. On the sides of the fish I threw in some asparagus spears. Then it was bake in the oven for about 15 minutes or so. Near the end, I tossed on some shaved Grana Padano and baked a little more.



No recipes- Just some Sushi


This post is really just to display some various sushi rolls and types. Mixed variety of tuna, salmon, ans scallop rolls with various vegetables as well as vegetable rolls with some mango as well as some sashimi with salmon caviar.






Wolffish with some Crab and Asparagus

Not too long ago on one of my trips through Trader Joe’s, I had stumbled upon a fish that I do not typically see all too often- Norwegian Wolffish. The last place I recall seeing this on the menu was a while back at BoneFish Grill where they have it with creamed spinach, etc.


For my liking, I had taken the filet and stuffed it with a combination of crab meat, flaked asiago cheese, salt, pepper, and some lemon juice. I then pan seared it in some oil on both sides and baked on low heat.

In a small saucepan, I chopped up some fresh horseradish, added some basil, rosemary, crabmeat, and olive oil and sauteed for a few minutes. I then added in some heavy cream and made into a sauce to top the fish off.


Next on the menu was the side dish. I went a tad out of the box on this and utilized both asparagus as well as “smoked bacon.” The smoked bacon is not bacon like grocery store style but actual slab piece of pork put into a smoker- really does not need to be cooked at all. I wrapped the asparagus in the smoked bacon (after I had peeled the asparagus) and cooked until tender. I then removed the asparagus, diced the pork into smaller pieces and added some citrusy accents to then pour over the asparagus.


Overall, a nice combination of flavors having the strong flavors of the horseradish and asiago with the fish and crab and some citrusy and salty combinations paired with the asparagus.




Soon to come—crab cakes with the extra crabmeat 🙂