Orange-Chicken Fried Rice

With all the great weather we have been having lately, the random days where it decides to rain- or hail, i’m left to scrambling to come up with some various dishes. With what I had in the pantry I knew I had to be a tad creative (as the wife is not a huge fan of rice), so I had to kick up the flavor intenstity. In the end, I wound up making my own version of orange-chicken fried rice with broccoli and asparagus.


The rice part was simple enough. Boil it like you normally would, drain it, and then set aside. Similar regards with the vegetables as i steam em first (not quite all the way) and then set aside. The main component of chicken had already been packaged with diced garlic and soy sauce before I froze the package. Once thawed out, I took the pieces and cut into smaller cubes. I tossed these in a bowl along with some chili powder, a little pineapple juice (optional), a little more soy sauce, some cor starch (give the chicken a crispyt coating while cooking), and I zested two oranges. All of this was mixed thoroughly and I proceeded to cook on my 2-burner griddle in some grapeseed oil (slightly higher smoke point). As this was getting close to the point that I wanted (slight crispiness) I then tossed in the vegetables to finsih cooking them through and for the flavors to soak in.

At this point, I also cleared off a portion on the front of the griddle, tossed on some oil, and poured on the rice to start “frying” it. Once it got to a point I was happy with, I then proceeded to mix all of the ingredients together on the griddle.




Fried Rice- JG Inspired.

On my own for the evening so I decided to go with some Asian cuisine. Over the years I have had all different sorts and was not sure exactly what I was planning. After some article/book consulting I went with a little bit of Jean-Georges styled cuisine with a little bit of my own flavor twist. In the end it turned out to be a nice Ginger-Garlic Fried Rice with Leeks, Scallops, and Chanterelles.


I started off by boiling some rice and upon completion drained it of the water, spread out on a sheet tray, patted dry with paper towels, and let sit to air dry. I proceeded to make the crisp Garlic-Ginger topping by dicing up garlic and fresh ginger and sauteing in peanut oil. Upon completion, I drained the oil into a larger sauce pan and put the garlic-ginger on the side.


After slicing up the leeks into thin strips I placed them in the saucepan and started to cook. After around 10-15 minutes they became nice and tender at which point I added in the rice (as well as some chili powder) and proceeded to cook until “fried.”


Separately, I sauteed scallops (seasoned with salt and pepper) and Chanterelles in some sesame oil. I also fried an egg “over easy” and placed on top after everything else was constructed. I then sprinkled on the garlic-ginger mix I had previously made along with some sesame oil and soy sauce.