Simple Oven Roasted Fish and Asparagus

Since I am in the moving process (official day of loading up the UHAUL and trekking over to Jersey is Wednesday) so at the moment not going into any in depth cook/baking ordeals. I thought this was a good one to show because of how easy it is to do, it tastes, good, lots of options, and you can make a nice presentation with it.


This can be done with just about any fish imaginable, but since I had some Wolffish left in the freezer, that was what I went with. Simple enough, start off with some olive oil in the dish, I squeezed in some lemon, swirled the fish around to coat it. I added some salt and pepper and placed a few lemon slices on top. On the sides of the fish I threw in some asparagus spears. Then it was bake in the oven for about 15 minutes or so. Near the end, I tossed on some shaved Grana Padano and baked a little more.