Been a Tad Crazy Around Here… Here’s Some Sushi.

Sorry for the bit of delay with posting (got a bunch which will be coming up throughout the week, but things have either been a tad crazy (i.e. work) or like the past 2 weekends I have not been around (one weekend to my brother down in Maryland and this past Father’s Day weekend we had visited my parents up in Northern New Jersey).

In the meantime, I had 2 separate attempts within the past week and a half of making some sushi. A combination of tuna, salmon, scallops, and a few other white fish.

_DSC1170 _DSC1164 _DSC1046 _DSC1055


Fresh Bacon- Hmm, Let’s Make Some Burgers… Part Two

So, at the beginning of the week I finished (quite successfully) my first attempt of making my own bacon- which can be found here. So with fresh bacon, beautiful weather, and having the time to barbecue, of course I’m going to take another crack at type of burgeri with past attempts beinf found here and here.


In this instance with the bacon imparting a slightly sweet flavor from the pecan woodchips, I wanted to add flavors to accent. I just so happened to have on hand a cheddar infused with cranberries and cinnamon- that seemed like a good place to start having a little tart and a slight spice. Now with sweet and salty ahh, need something a little fat and oily so I made some fresh onion straws and then a vegetable to sort of soak it all in (fresh spinach leaves). And finally, can never leave out the side of homemade potato salad.

_DSC0725 _DSC0730


Fresh Pasta and some Clams

Going through my picture folder I realized i had skipped over a pretty simple meal that I had done up a few weeks ago. So, plain and simple, here is some homemade pasta in a creamy truffle sauce with shiitake mushrooms and some clams that I had boiled.


I forget the exact type of clam I had used (potentially a cherrystone of some sort if I remember correctly. Essentially it was wash with cold water and scrub the outside to remove whatever sand/sediment may still be attached. Then I started a pot of boiling water with salt and once the water started to boil I threw in the clams. In a sauce pan on the side, I had taken some truffle oil, some scallions, and some garlic and put on low heat and added the mushrooms. On low heat, I covered for 5-10 minutes to sort of steam up the mushrooms and soften them and then removed the cover and put on medium heat to finish the sauce (at which point I added some Romano cheese). The pasta I had boiled for only a few minutes (homemade pasta cooks rather quickly). The clams boiled somewhere between 5-10 minutes at which point they had opened up and I removed the one side of the shell. I then laid out on the plate added the pasta and put on some sauce.