Let’s go Outback…nah, let’s stay in.

With Summer in full swing you are bound to see the relentless commercials of going to Outback having your steak or shrimp and all the good deals and then you realize when you want a legit “steak” you either have to go to a high-priced steakhouse ( I personally recommend The Prime Rib- they have a few locations in major cities, the one on Philly is fantastic) or the second option of buying your own piece of meat and doing as you please for your own liking.


Depending upon the type of steak or how you want it cooked there are varying options to choose from. In my case which I am an apartment dweller and do not have my own outside access, grilling is not an option. For me I took a nice looking Ribeye steak and broiled it in the oven. I went fairly simple with my semi-dry rub. Three ingredients: a light brushing of truffle-infused oil, ancho-chile powder, and a merlot-infused sea salt. I did a quick pan sear on both sides and then placed in the oven with the broil setting (I like my steak with a little pink in the middle but you can do as you please with yours).


Side dish number one, I took some brussel sprouts, cut them in half, added some olive oil, salt, cracked peppercorn, and a little bit of lemon juice (both for flavor but also prevents browning and seared them in a pan. The other side dish I cut open and used half of a small spaghetti squash. I boiled it in some water and butter until softened. Added a little cracked pepper and some smoked cheddar for flavor.


To top off the dish, I re-hydrated some morel mushrooms, fried them in some unsalted butter, and topped upon the steak when it was done.






Sweet Potato…Ravioli

After my brief break, here is my first meal back. I had seen some different variations of doing these and then when I was at the store, figured I’d try making my own version. So here we go, sweet potato ravioli (the store had white sweet potatoes).


Before I go into the details, it is worth noting to make these you need either a mandolin or a slicer (I have a De Buyer Kobra V-slicer) as the slices need to be almost paper thin. Simple, start off by peeling the potatoes and then utilizing the slicer slice it long ways to have nice large slices. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet and wipe with olive oil. Then put the slices on and put in oven for about 5-10 minutes on 400 (DO NOT want them to brown,they are done when they are somewhat pliable).

For the stuffing I used a variety of mushrooms (morel, black trumpet, and bella). I sauteed them with some garlic, oil, and some kale. This was then put in the chopper/processor and done until small pieces (not quite puree).


The potato slices I then wiped on one side with egg, placed some of the stuffing in and then folded over. They were then pan seared on both sides to cook through.

Separately, I took some Kale added some olive oil, white pepper, and some orange peel and sauteed. I then added on top some honey and crushed almond slices.


A nice quick vegetarian dish.


Some Lunch before enjoying the weather


Some Lunch before enjoying the weather

Probably my last post of the week as weekends is usually the time to be out and about enjoying the outdoors of Jersey or Pennsylvania (though by the end of next week my duck confit may be ready to present).

This is a meal of combining either different concepts or products from various “projects” I am working on.

I always have chicken on hand of some sort. For this I had a boneless breast which I flattened out. I seasoned it with fresh garlic, white pepper, and some thyme. Sauteed it in some toasted sesame oil. Near its completion I added in the kalamatas to not only warm them up but to incorporate the flavor.

To top the chicken, from this morning I had juice leftover from re-hydrating the Morels. I brought it to a slow boil and reduced to a gravy-like substance which I then poured over the chicken (nice earthy flavor).

From another project while looking through my freezer I had some “frozen” honey yogurt in a mold so I added that as a side dish. It was a good refresher type of side as the coolness and sweet flavors of the honey gave a nice contrast to the earthier and saltier flavors of the seasonings and olives.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend (think by early next week it will hit 70 degrees).


It’s a Brunch type of Day

It’s weird for me to post something like this because usually in the morning I’m not big into cooking even though I seem to have the time and do get up quite early. Sometimes though you may have that one item which you purchase that you start to find different ideas for and then eventually come to make a whole meal around them, so thank you morel mushrooms.


I had purchased the dried mushrooms at reasonable price at a produce market at Reading Terminal Square earlier this week. For them it was simple, first took some water, butter, and cream and brought to a boil, then put the mushrooms in for approximately five minutes, then took out, drained, pat dry and set on side until ready to be fried (I did with some butter).

The asparagus I took some olive oil, some lemon and lime juice, salt, and pepper and sauteed them to get a citrusy yet spicy flavor. The slab bacon I made a few slices and just sauteed in a pan and used some peppercorns until nice and crisp (Also note I used my large frying pan and did the potatoes in there as well).


The eggs I poached in a deeper skillet in water (used some vinegar to keep the whites from separating too much). First add the water and vinegar and turn on the heat. You want the water to be just below a simmer and definitely not boiling. Once this is reached crack the eggs individually and pour in without breaking the yolk. Use a spoon to sort of contain the whites and then cover and let cook for about five minutes until cooked.