Mahi Mahi and Tacos

So a friend of mine through one of the cooking pages I am a part of on facebook happens to have a grapefruit tree- and well I love fresh right off the tree grapefruit. So from her picking them, putting them in a box, they came in 2 days.

It came down to planning a meal around the usage of some really fresh grapefruit…so what better then cooking up some fish- and I went with Mahi-mahi.


Easy enough, I basted the filets with some oil, sprinkled on some black-garlic salt, threw on a few slices of fresh cut grapefruit, some red onion slices and some rosemary branches. I then took this, wrapped in parchment and tossed on the grill.


While that was happening, I took a mango, peeled and diced it. Similarily, I diced up a few apricots. I threw both of these in a pan which was already heated with some oil, diced garlic clove, and some sweet onion. I let this mixture cook until the fruit was nice and soft. In a bowl, I had diced up a few tomatoes (cold from refrigeration) and when the fruit mix was to my liking I tossed it in with the tomato to make my version of a mango-apricot salsa.


From there, I just cut up some radishes, orange peppers, and spinach leaves. When the fish was done on the grill, I cut it into smaller strips and then it was time to piece together the tacos and chow down.




A mixed variety day stemming from breakfast foods to snacks to Risotto

With the way rotating shift schedule is in the lab this happened to be the week where I have the “midweek weekend” while next week I will have a 3-day weekend. So on the second day of being off, I was getting a little too bored and started some extra meal/meal planning.

The midday point started off with making some muffins. I figure with the way the work schedule is (and the fact that until I move in October I have an hour or so commute) quick foods are the best bet and nothing is quite like homemade muffins (can also be frozen for future usage).


I first started off with some blueberry-strawberry muffins with some added honey to the batter which turned out quite tasty (the berries inside were moist and juicy when first out of the oven. The second type I made was more of “hmm, what do I have lying around from other projects, snacks, etc.” so I gathered some bananas, some walnuts, and a white chocolate bar and made a muffin batter with said ingredients as well as some spices and boy were they tasty.


On to the next food creation of the day. While at Wegman’s, I was in the mood for a good craft beer so I picked up some Ommegang Hennepin (highly recommended, awesome for this time of year with the spices of coriander, ginger, and orange peel. An all-around amazing Saison). So what would go good with this? How about some homemade salsa.


I kept it simple yet amazing. I utilized some nice heirloom tomatoes, some red onion, scallions, cilantro, lemon juice, fresh avocado, and some poblano peppers (added a nice kick but not too strong as to offset the flavors of all the other fresh herbs and vegetables). A nice afternoon pairing with the ale.

Somewhere in between all of this I made up some homemade buffalo sauce with some very hot chilis (hotter than jalapenos and some mango) but that post will come when i actually make the wings (currently frozen drenched with sauce).

So on to the main course. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to add to this, but after a few purchases, I decided to go with a bit of a seafood combination. So the risotto I made had shrimp, squid, asparagus, and shiitake mushrooms (initially sauteed in oil, garlic, and lemon juice).


The arborio rice was initially put in the deep skillet and slightly heated. For my first liquid addition I did a combination of a white wine/ stock blend (had a homemade chicken stock from a while back chilling in the freezer). I then stirred while it simmered. Overall you do this a cup at a time with the stock until around 5 cups (it takes somewhere around 20 minutes or so to go through that process. Towards the end, I added in the blend of vegetables and seafood and let simmer a few minutes longer as to incorporate all of the flavors.