Braised veal shank…with some homemade pasta (of course)

I always like to try cooking a variety of different foods and sometime it involves getting to play with some new toys. In this particular case, I had recently purchased a hand-crank pasta maker. For my first attempt at it, I had made a dough that incorporated the flavors of lemon and pepper into it so I could make a nice light oil sauce to go with and use as a side dish.


Upon completion of making the pasta and knowing that it was something that would be on today’s menu, I had to come up with the main course to accompany this side dish. Since I already had to pick up some other items at the grocery store I had initially pulled a beef shank off of the shelf and felt it would be the perfect meal. However, walking around the corner to the next case (main butcher’s case) the veal shanks just stood out and I knew that’s what would be on the menu.


For this meal I decided to braise the shank in a wine based liquid which I had chopped up and sauteed onion, carrot, celery, scallion, and had also added a few spices. For the red wine I had used a syrah-zinfandel blend. After initial sauteing of the vegetables (about 10 minutes), I then added the wine and brought to a slow boil. In the mean time I had pan seared all sides of the shank (which I had coated with salt and pepper). I then added the shank into the pot with the wine mixture and lowered the temperature just below boiling. I then covered the pot and let sit for two hours.


With about 15-20 minutes left on the shank, in a sauce pot, I removed some of the wine solution from the large pot and then also added some corn syrup and some dijon mustard and put on low heat to mix the solution until it became thicker like a glaze. This was then poured over the shank after it was put onto the plate. For the pasta, after cooking, all it needed was a little but of truffle-infused oil to go along with the lemon-pepper flavor.